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Student Leadership

Mudgee Public School Captains

Girl Captain

Girl captain

Hi my name is Maggie Stott.

I am the girl school captain for 2021. The thing that I like about Mudgee Public School is that we have great citizenship and great students. We also have amazing teachers. We also have a spectacular garden down the back playground. Both of my brothers go to this school and most of my relatives have done so too. 

Recently, we have had our basketball courts upgraded. We also have a school spectacular choir. Every year we have a swimming carnival, cross country and an athletics carnival.

I participate in the girls cricket team, the school band, swimming carnival, athletics carnival, zone for swimming, cross country, SRC meetings and many sport gala days and carnivals.

Mudgee Public School is a significant school to make friends and learn new things, especially to have fun! 

Boy Captain

Boy captain

Hello, my name is Dean Jarvis and I'm the Captain of Mudgee Public School for 2021.   

I love Mudgee Public School because we have great new sports gear and we have excellent new toilets. In our buddies program, we pair year 6's with kindergarteners. Our school does this because we want the new kindergarteners to feel comfortable at their new school.

Overall Mudgee Public School is an outstanding school.

Girl Vice Captain

Girl Vice Captain

Hi my name is Meilana Tavita and I am the girl vice captain for 2021. I love Mudgee Public School because we have great teachers, students and a very good principal, Mr Carters. At Mudgee Public School it is very easy to make friends.

I have participated in the senior girls Cricket team which is really fun, Western for running, Western for swimming , SRC meetings and many more sport Gala days and Carnivals. Every year, Mudgee Public School has a swimming carnival, Athletics carnival and a Cross Country. We also have a hockey gala day that is usually held by Miss Donnelly ,and we sometimes have a touch Gala day, Cricket Gala day and Netball Gala day.

Mudgee Public School is a marvellous place to be, especially when it comes to learning and having fun.

Boy Vice Captain

Boy Vice Captain

Hello, my name is Lachie Wiliams and I am the boy vice captain for Mudgee Public School. 

I love Mudgee Public School because we have all the necessary utilities, and our toilets and basketball courts have recently been upgraded. We have an excellent buddies program, partnering our year 6's with kindergarteners. We have amazing sports gear and an excellent back oval. Mudgee Public is a great school and I have had an excellent 7 years here.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students that dedicate their time and enthusiasm to organise ways for all students to participate and contribute to the school and the wider community.

All students are given the opportunity to run for a SRC position through annual School Captain and Class Representative Elections. Through this process, a representative is elected from each primary class to attend regular meetings. SRC members are also committed to sharing the ideas of their peers, contributing to meaningful projects and discussions while also reporting back to their class on current initiatives. The SRC members are formally inducted with badges at a formal assembly at the start of each term.