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Student Leadership

Boy Captain

Hi, my name is Billy Blackman and I'm honoured to be Boy School Captain of Mudgee Public School for 2020.

I have been learning at Mudgee Public School for a whopping seven years and I don't regret becoming captain. I have participated in the school leadership group twice before I was elected for the role I currently hold.

Yes, It may seem like a lot of hard work, but becoming School Captain is more than just paperwork and directions. I am priviledged to be following in Harry Gallen's footsteps. I promise to serve my school well and I will always help my fellow peers to achieve their goals.

My personal goal is to lead my school well and not let the students down. I may not be the sportiest kid, but it seems that I'm good enough to lead the school. Don't expect me to put soft drink in the bubblers or get an indoor swimming pool with a spa and gourmet food. I won't spoil the students at this school. Mudgee Public School is the best school in the world and, with the captains guidance, will proceed into the future.

I am in Gladstone house (The best house) and I encourage children to earn points for their house by showing the four bee principles of our school: Bee Respectful, Bee Responsible, Bee an Active Learner and Bee Safe.

I can't wait to lead the school through 2020!

Girl Captain

Hi, my name is Tilly James and I am very proud to represent Mudgee Public School as your Girl School Captain for 2020.

This year is my seventh year at Mudgee Public and I am so glad that I am spending my last year as a leader of our school. I always try to get involved in what Mudgee Public School has to offer such as sporting events and excursions. I would like myself to be known as a role model to others and a person that other people can look up to. 

In Year 3 and 4 I was Student Representative Councillor, or SRC, and last year I was the Vice Captain for my house, Perry. I encourage all students in Perry to earn us house points in sporting events or for good behaviour. I believe that Perry is the best house ever! 

I would like to make sure that all students are following the 4 bees: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be an Active Learner and Be Safe. I love running our school assemblies and looking after our school by doing other big jobs along the way. I believe that I am a confident speaker and I am not afraid to say 'Hi!' to students around the playground.

Once again I am very honoured to be your Girl School Captain and I am very excited for the year ahead!

Boy Vice Captain

My name is Will Lumsden and Im very proud to be your 2020 Boy Vice Captain.

I have been a part of Mudgee Public School for seven great years and I have learned so much. I have had fun playing many sports and have learned lots of new sports along the way.

My role as Boy Vice Captain is lots of fun and I have learned lots of new things.

I have had lots of other fun roles in the past years including being House Vice Captain when I was in Year 5 and an SRC member in 2018.

I look foward to learning more in the future. 

Girl Vice Captain

Hi, my name is Jessica Halbisch and I am so proud to be this years Girl School Vice Captain.

2020 is my seventh year at Mudgee Public and i'm so glad to be spending it as a leader that people look up to. I hope to make MPS proud by being a great leader.  I am honored to be following in my sisters footsteps. I love helping out around the school and giving everything a shot even if I know i'm not that good. I'm also not very sporty but that doesn't really matter as I am in the best house ever (Go Perry!!).

This is not my first leadership role as I have been SRC three times before so I have a bit of experience. I can't wait to help out our SRC to be a great leader as well. I look forward to the meetings so that I can bring ideas to help out our school.

I can't wait for what lies instore for my fellow school leaders and I this year.