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The school canteen is an integral part of the school and as such, will support the students' education in health and nutrition. The provision of a balanced and nutritious food service to members of the school community is a major aim of the canteen committee. Another is to actively promote the purchase of foods which are recommended by the School Canteen Association.

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Lunch Orders

Lunch Orders

Children may purchase food from the canteen by either placing a recess and/or lunch order in the Class Lunch Baskets at the beginning of the day. Recess and frozen items must be collected from the canteen window. Children may also purchase snacks directly from the canteen during recess and 2nd half of lunch themselves.

Lunches may be ordered at the school canteen every day by;

1. Ordering online before 9am Here’s a quick summary to get you started:

• Register at

• Select SIGN UP and complete the registration

• Receive a link via email to ACTIVATE your

account then log in to your account

• Select ADD STUDENT, add your child’s details,

select “Mudgee Public School” as their school and save

to your account

• ADD CREDIT to your online wallet before ordering

• Select MEAL ORDER and place your order

2. The order can be written on the outside of a paper bag, together with the child's name and class. (See example of lunch order below). The money is placed inside the bag and order placed in Class Baskets at the beginning of each day. At approximately 1.10pm lunch orders are distributed to each child in class.

Example of a lunch order: A good sized bag is needed to contain a lunch order. Please try to include correct amount of money.

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